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Our Customers

  1. "What can I say ? The lens people were magnificent from start to Finnish. Olivia was amazing throughout the day but was not too intrusive whilst filming. The video was perfect and had us laughing and crying with happiness. The music on the film was spot on and we can watch this film for years to come. To top it all off , today we got a package hand delivered and inside it was two dvd's which were personalised and and a memory stick shaped as a key with the words " The key to your memories " on it. !!! Highly recommended. If you want to remember the best day of your life for years to come get in touch with olivia."
  2. "Where do I start? Olivia is just amazing. She has been the videographer for both my own wedding and my sisters wedding this year, and we cannot begin to thank her enough for the service that we both recieved. we felt that she went out of her way on our day to not only capture the special moments, but she also made sure that our day ran smoothly and was so helpful. We felt completely comfortable with her from the onset and she was very professional. The photos and video that she captured are absolutely stunning. She certainly has an eye for capturing the special moments and the small details in your wedding that mean so much to you. We were so happy with the videos and it brought alot of people to tears (happy tears :)), as they thought they were so beautiful. I would highly recommend The lens people. You won't be disappointed. Thankyou so much Olivia xx"
  3. "Cannot even begin to thank Olivia for all her hard work and effort for our wedding day! Whilst she seemed to be there to help me through my day - calming me down when the venue had mixed up my music / helping get my dress fastened / helping keep me on track time-wise, I can honestly say I don't recall seeing her take a single photograph or record a single thing! That may sound bizarre, but it is actually a massive compliment; the last thing I wanted was to feel like I spent the whole day posing and acting and not being myself etc and it was completely the opposite and never was a camera / camcorder shoved in my face. It was perfect. I'm so excited to see the finished product and hope we have gone some way to helping build your portfolio. I will recommend you far and wide as you are such a lovely person and go miles above and beyond the call of duty. I feel like I've known you forever. I do have to say, it is totally unacceptable to beat the bride in a rap battle, but there was no competition!! Haha!! I believe we have made a friend for life xxxx"
  4. "Olivia created a beautiful wedding video for us and captured magical moments of the day which we will treasure forever. She was professional throughout and her natural charisma made all guests feel at ease. Would fully recommend the lens people"